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See how candidates perceive the application process at softgarden and team members say about the atmosphere in our company.

Alles Gut
Gab paar Probleme bei der Materialbestellung anfangs, aber dank Ersatzgerät war das kein Problem. Einarbeitung könnte etwas strukturierter sein, aber aufgrund der Tätigkeit und der vielfalt des aufgabengebiets ist das schwierig.
Employee feedback from March 30, 2020
top Arbeitgeber
+ tolles Team & gute Stimmung + Flexible Arbeitszeiten und Homeoffice möglich + super Ausstattung (neue Macbooks, Monitore, …)
Employee feedback from March 10, 2020
Employee Feedback
Overall experience with the softgarden is good. Providing language class to the employees can be improved.
Employee feedback from January 29, 2020
Alles rundum prima. Ich habe gerade lange versucht auch nur einen Krümel negatives zu suchen = nichts gefunden! Von daher absolut perfekt
Applicant feedback from December 5, 2019
Junges dynamisches Unternehmen mit viel Potential
Super Team, strukturierte Arbeitsbedingungen, nette Umgebung, gut Verkehrsanbindung
Employee feedback from November 30, 2019
Sympathische Gesprächsatmosphäre
Im Gespräch und schon vorher am Aufzug mit Mitarbeitern der Firma ergab sich gleich eine sympathische Gesprächsatmosphäre. Wertschätzend aber auch sehr offen haben wir Fragen zu mir als Bewerber aber auch zu Stellenanforderung besprochen. Das Büro ist toll gelegen, sehr hell und modern.
Applicant feedback from November 24, 2019
Very positive experience
Very fast and transparent interview process. Very friendly environment with competent people who explained well the work process in the office, asked targeted questions and explained the next steps clearly.
Applicant feedback from October 2, 2019
Very Friendly Atmosphere in an Interview
-- I got the scheduled face to face interview call for 90 minutes. I liked the interview and the friendly atmosphere and kind nature. -- Question paper which given for test can be elaborated more, I felt questions are not explainable to write proper answers.
Applicant feedback from September 26, 2019
Super Firma
Angenehmes Gespräch mit vielen Infos. Danach wurde ich sogar zum Lunch mit dem Team eingeladen, damit man sich schonmal ein Bild machen kann. Direktes Feedback am Folgetag, ohne lange Warterei!
Applicant feedback from September 5, 2019
Very friendly and interactive conversation
- the conversation went well and well moderated - sufficient information was provided for the company and job
Applicant feedback from August 3, 2019
Samples from 113 reviews

Product Designer (m/f/d)
Experienced Professional
Design and Architecture
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
Customer Service Consultant SaaS Software / Konsultant ds. obsługi Klienta SaaS (m/f/d)
Young Professional
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
Sales Manager SaaS / Manager ds. sprzedaży SaaS (m/f/d)
Experienced Professional
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
Fullstack Webentwickler (m/w/d)
Experienced Professional
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
Mitarbeiter Bestands-Kundenbetreuung / Customer Service Consultant (m/w/d)
Young Professional
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
Frontend Developer (m/w/d)
Experienced Professional
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
Business Development Representative (m/w/d)
Young Professional
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
Sales Manager (m/w/d) SaaS
Young Professional
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
Fullstack Developer (m/w/d)
Experienced Professional
softgarden e-recruiting GmbH

    Our Team

    From day to day, people from diverse nations work hand in hand at softgarden. Joint activities, like our parties or the regular Friday table football games, are a big part of what makes our team special.


    Satisfying our employees is important to us - that's why we constantly work on extending our benefits.

    Flexible working hours

    Thanks to home office and flexible working hours, free time and work can be combined perfectly.


    Fresh fruit and vegetables, all sorts of muesli or chocolate for sweet lovers.


    Not only coffee and a wide range of milk and vegan alternatives await you, also premium tee varieties, Club Mate, Bionade and other delicacies!


    As a software company we will definitely be providing the best hardware - whether Mac or Windows, it's your choice!


    We use lots of awesome tools, check them out:

    Team building

    Whether summer and Christmas parties or team building events - work wouldn't be the same without them.


    Our offices are in the heart of Berlin, Saarbrücken and Krakow - with optimal transport connections!


    Our team brings along four-legged-friends into their own offices - pet-free areas are provided for allergy sufferers.

    Public transport

    We support traveling by bus and train with monthly public transport subscriptions.

    Our Units

    Software Development

    On a daily basis our developers work on the implementation of new ideas and product expansions. By always considering our principle "Fast & Easy", they enable a fast and simple working atmosphere for customers. The headquarters of our development department is at the new office in the heart of Saarbrücken. Here they are working on the further development, maintenance and operation of our cloud product. The team in Berlin works on the mobile app, data insights and quality assurance.

    We are constantly looking for qualified employees.

    Don't hesitate and check out our open positions.


    UX / UI design and product management work hand in hand and make technologically innovative product solutions possible. Their aim is to make both applicants and recruiters happier - always guided by the motto " simple and easy".

    Become part of our team!


    Both our sales units, software sales and media sales, work hand in hand to win and keep softgarden customers. Intelligent inbound lead marketing and our business development team assist them so sellers can fully concentrate on sales.

    Customer Success

    To guarantee the best possible customer experience, the media and software customer service works in close collaboration with our customers. For us, customer satisfaction ranks first, no matter if on-site, on the phone, via e-mail or within our support chat - we offer our help, as much as we can and even more!



    The softgarden marketing department consists of experts from the areas of online marketing, event marketing and product marketing, such as PR. Together we develop our communication strategy - including extensive public relations, the creation of market-dominating studies and content, the digital communication on relevant channels or the lead-generation. We've got it all!

    Finance and Operations

    Finance and operations supports all commercial and administrative processes. Here, the development of the digitalization and automation of processes is a constant topic. Thus, we save time and can invest our spare hours to handle particular issues of our customers, suppliers and employees.

    We simplify recruiting

    Applicant Tracking, Employer Branding, HR Marketing

    We improve the recruiting performance!

    Are you in?


    softgarden was founded in 2003 by Stefan Schüffler and Dominik Faber in Saarbrücken.


    work at three locations in Berlin, Saarbrücken and Krakow.


    use our software and media agency.

    We have committed ourselves to simplify application processes for applicants and recruiters. We help ambitious companies hiring the right applicants - thus gaining an important competitive advantage.

    Your Contact

    Mathias Heese


    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 483

    Stefan Schüffler


    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 483

    Martin Behrend


    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 451

    Steffen Feidt

    VP Engineering

    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 542

    Philipp Mager

    VP Service

    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 512

    Andreas Eisemann

    VP Sales

    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 546

    Dr. Arne Schwarz

    VP Product Management

    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 483

    Martin Szymanski

    Head of Product

    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 513

    Saphir Schiwietz

    Head of Marketing

    • Phone +49 30 88 49 40 446

    Our Feelgood Managers


    Our personal vacuum cleaner finds every crump


    Youngest softgarden team member


    Keeps the herd together and is an absolute ball sportsman


    Gives you the most faithful dog view

    • Phone +49 30 123 45 67

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